Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Back the D-Backs!

This is officially Craig's first post

As I was going through old pictures, I came upon these from the NL Division Series last October. The Diamondbacks swept the series 3-0 against the Chicago Cubs. At no other time have I gone so berzerk at a ballgame. Even though our 1st place team is in a bit of a slump right now, I still plan on posting pictures from this years' playoffs. I've been a major D-Back fan from the beginning, and you can tell from our fashionable duds that I'm happy to say 'goodbye purple, hello winning'!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still awaiting Daisy's big arrival....

This is the name banner I made (with a little inspiration from my mom) for Daisy's room. I took some cardboard letters and ovals and ironed on some extra fabric that my mom used for the crib bedding and closet curtains. I punched holes in the top of each circle and ties ribbon through them to string them all together. I then hot glued some Pink daisies on the other ovals. I am so proud of my creation!!! I love it!
My family threw me an awesome shower last week! It was so fun!! Everyone was so generous! When I came home that night my car was filled to the brim with presents for Daisy! Craig and I brought all the presents in (I made him do all the lifting of course) and we filled up Daisy's room! I was sitting in the middle of the room going through all the cute stuff. The room was packed!! Thanks to everyone for the presents and for making my shower so great!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Transforming Daisy's Room

Here is Craig scraping the nasty popcorn ceiling. We had already scraped the rest of the house before we moved in. For some reason we skipped this room. What a mess!!!!
It used to be Cosmo's room but Craig made him a special place in the living room. Craig is an awesome painter!! I don't know how he makes those lines so straight! I make him do it because I don't have enough patience to paint perfect straight lines.
Craig is still painting the baby's furniture so it all matches. We'll post pictures once its all finished. We can't wait for her to get here!